Hello friends, My name is Justin Hawk and I am 43 years of age.   I am a Banker and want to tell about my re-born with the help of MyProtein, which also offer 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I live in Central London and enjoyed life with my beautiful wife and two daughters aged 15 and 12.   My wife is a housewife and shared the responsibility of both daughters and home very smoothly.  I being worked for a top Bank of UK, has a busy schedule and waited for weekends to spend more time with my family.  Its our routine to go outside on weekends, either to a picnic place or for a dine out.  Me and my daughters tried our best to give rest to my wife on weekends.

The life was going beautiful, until we had a twist on January last.   It was rainy outside and we were coming from sea-side, back to home, suddenly our car collided with another car.  Due to rainy road,  there are five cars collided with each and I have lost my senses, watching my daughters bleeding. The car was totally damaged and we all four were seriously injured and shifted to hospital in an emergency.  

We all were taken to Intensive Care Unit and being kept there for almost a week.  A week later, myself, my wife and one daughter shifted to rooms, however, my one daughter is still in critical condition.  I feel myself helpless, as I could not do anything for my daughter, even I cannot stand up and saw her from the window.  Thankfully, after 4 days, she is also moved to room in a stable condition.

We were admitted in the hospital for almost a month and was advised complete bed rest for further one month at least.  The doctors has also assigned a Residential Medical Officer to visit us at home after every day or two.   It was very painful for me to see my wife and daughters on bed and I start walking to their room more frequently.   All of us have lost blood and looks very weak from outside as well.

Doctors have suggested us medicines, however,  I thought that we all would need some Supplements also which can further improve Proteins and Vitamins.   A friend of mine sometimes back, has informed me about MyProtein, so I decided to take a look at the website and start searing for the products, which may suits the entire family.   I opted for MyProtein Vitamin 03 and Curcumin & Vitamins D3 as an starter for all of us.    The products were ordered through MyProtein Discount Code which I got from and hence we get a discount of 50% on all the products.

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After having the supplements for fifteen days, there was gradual positive effect on all of us, especially on our daughters, as they are in their growing age.   All of us become able to walk along and do our routine jobs without home easily.

With the help of MyProtein, in 02 months, we all are able to start our normal life.  My daughters went to their schools, I start going to my office with more care and thank God for saving us all from the disaster..

Thank you MyProtein to be a part of having us a chance to start our life again.

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