Hello friend, my name is Nicholas Charles and I am 28 years old.   By profession, I am a Teacher and currently posted at Houston City.  I wish to share my story and experience of having the pleasure of Martha and Marley Spoon, which not only helps me in having good and healthy food but also enable me to spend more time on my tuition classes with an attraction of special deals and discounts on my favorite recipes in the form of Marley Spoon Coupon.

I completed my studies from Cambridge University and opted Teaching, as it is one of the noble profession.   My family is well settled at New York and I also got married in New York having one son of two years.  We are still in the joint family system and live with my parents.  My parents are too much attached with my son and they don’t want us to live separately.   My wife is also a working woman and the joint family system also suits her to leave the son with parents.

It’s very rear that the family go out for dine out, as all of us prefer to have homemade food, which is either prepared by mother or my wife and both are excellent cook.  Life is going very smoothly until I had received a Promotion and Transfer Order with the instruction to immediate report at our School’s Houston branch. It was a shock for me, as it would have effect worst on our entire family and our daily life.

However, when I came to home, I announced about the transfer and everybody was like silent for two three minutes. My father then very politely understands me that I should there, as it is all part of life and I do not need to worry about my wife and son.   My wife then also told me that she will take care of the affairs here and I should go to Houston for better future.   Having transferred to other city is painful for me but the attractive offer was my promotion.   So I make up my mind and start packing my goods.

The School has provided me accommodation and the apartment is well furnished and enough for me that I can call my wife and son here as well.    However, when I see the Kitchen, my immediate reaction was food.   What will I do with food, as I am not a dine-out lover and avoid Junk Food?

On the next day of joining, I discussed the issue with my fellow Teachers and request for any solution or remedy.  One of the fellow lady Teacher introduced me with “Martha and Marley Spoon” and assured me that this will not only resolve my problem, but it could also make me good cook.

After the school hours, I ordered the easiest dish of “Martha and Marley Spoon” Friend Chicken on Biscuit. I got the order before time, along with Recipe Card and all ingredients. The Recipe Card helps me in making the food done, and when I bring the food to table, it looks that as if my mother has made the food.  The smell and presentation was unbelievable and I am feeling proud of myself.

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Now it is become my daily routine to have something from “Martha and Marley Spoon” and enjoy the meal of my mother’s taste.

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