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Riviera Maya Destination Wedding Amid Cotton Candy Skies and Natural Tones

Riviera Maya Destination Wedding Amid Cotton Candy Skies and Natural Tones

Olesya Wedding

Got wanderlust fever? Then this Riviera Maya destination wedding may help. Olesya and Diego wanted a low-key but romantic getaway and found Banyan Tree Mayakoba to be the dreamy location they were just looking for to celebrate their wedding plus 40 guests. Designed by Love on Top Weddings by Patty Gonzalez, who delivered a soft and romantic mood with pampas grass, neutral linen tones and pink hues from blush to terracotta floralized by Canteiro Weddings as Moni Adri Weddings captured it all.

Riviera Maya Destination Wedding

From the couple:
Everything started when we attend the orientation day at the university. We were enrolled in the International Business Management Diploma which had two options: the Marketing option and the Logistics option. Unfortunately, we were in different options but we had some common classes where we were in the same class. In those classes, we started talking and I (obviously I liked her) decided to make a move which did not work. I felt so awkward that I disappeared which means that I stopped showing up to the common classes. After two weeks, final exams were coming and I decided to show up to one of the common classes where as soon as I saw Olesya I knew she had a feeling for me. So I played the hard to get by kind of avoiding her. At the end of the class, she asked if I could help her study for math because she was having some problems and I agreed to help. At the end of that day, I asked where did she want to meet to study and she said she would text me to my phone, which she did not have at that time. She started walking towards the library and I told her lets to stop pretending and go for dinner. She said I’m not pretending and I replied you are not gonna study you are tired and you probably hungry so let’s grab dinner. She agreed and we had our first that at a Mongolian restaurant. 

After dating for a year, we went on vacation to Playa del Carmen. Olesya liked the color of the sand and of the ocean and thought it would be amazing if one day if so we could get married on the beach because looked so heavenly. Since then we were always dreaming of having a destination wedding in Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya Destination Wedding Venue

We visited Banyan Tree to meet the vendors which a clear picture of what we wanted. So we set kind of a mood board and we were just wondering which would be our best option. We were kind of lost because we did not know all the small details that were involved in planning a wedding. Also, we did not know how we were going to communicate with the hotel and vendor as we were in different countries. At that meeting, the hotel introduced us to a wedding planner: Patty Gonzalez. We were a little iffy about having a wedding planner but with all the doubts we had, we decided to work with her. After that, we took a smooth ride in which we were just making decisions without being stressed or nervous about things going in the opposite direction. She had a clear picture of what had to be done due to her experience and she was always there answering demands, questions, and doubts. In the end, the wedding was how we dreamt it, and thanks again to Patty for all the hard work as well to the other vendors and the hotel Banyan Tree for accommodating all our demands.

We always liked a simple, minimalistic style. We were aiming for something fancy but cozy without showing off and being splendid. I personally belief that you can achieve the fancy but cozy with a basic color with a lot of warm colors and a pop of color. We chose white as our basic color and rose gold for our pop of color. All the other colors like blush, pink, etc were just inside the range on the palette from white to rose gold. 

The best part of having a destination wedding that you interact and socialize with all your guests for 3 to 4 days. You enjoy everything together like the hotel, the food, the preparations and the mood. Besides all the commodities and the amenities that the hotel provides you and your guests.

We really like the hotel because it was perfect for our wedding because all the villas were close to each other and it felt like we were a big family. The service and the commodities that the hotel provides were exceptional and our guests were impressed with the architecture and eco-style of the hotel. The food was top-notch especially the buffet at our wedding. We would like more options regarding food but overall the hotel became a huge part of setting the mood at our wedding.

We don’t blame you if this wedding got you thinking about having a destination wedding there! For more Riviera Maya Destination Wedding inspiration, check out this equally gorgeous venue in Quintana Roo and this other Riviera Maya wedding venue.

Photography – Moni Adri Weddings

Wedding Planning and design – Love on Top Weddings by Patty Gonzalez

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